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Roman blinds are an elegant and fashionable window decoration; they come as either operated with a small bead chain or motorised.

With its aesthetically pleasing folds, formed after the blind is pulled up, Roman blinds will beautifully decorate your lounge, bedroom or kitchen.

They can be wall- or ceiling-mounted.

Roman Blinds
strzałka, lewo
strzałka, prawo

Sliding the leaf is possible thanks to a special mechanism. When turning the handle to the open position, the door moves inwards, perpendicularly to the window plane, and then slides to the side.

PSK doors provide a great advantage as they enable you to go to your terrace freely while maintaining the functionality of the interior. They do not take up space in the room when open, allowing you to plan the interior as you wish.

PSK door is an interesting alternative to traditional double-leaf balcony doors and a favourably priced alternative to HST systems. An ergonomic design of the aluminium handle makes it easy to open and close the door with one hand. Running trucks enable you to switch from tilt to open (sliding) position and vice versa effortlessly. The structure consists of two panels: one is active, the other one glazed permanently.

When selecting a PSK door, please keep in mind its design restrictions. Maximum dimensions of a leaf are 1.6 x 2.4 m (terrace leaf) or 1.3 x 2.4 m (window leaf), while max. total width is 4 m (asymmetrical division) or 3.2 m (symmetrical). Glazing – depends on the configuration of a given window and door system.

Since they are based on standard PVC window and door systems, PSK doors come in any colour from Salamander palettes (depending on the system). The profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula. Doors in a chosen colour have an individual and aesthetic look since they can be easily matched with the façade and the interior.

Automatic hardware provided by GU, a renowned supplier, ensures comfort of use and guarantees smooth operation. It can be equipped with an additional device to adjust tilt with the handle. This solution is especially recommended for wide leafs as tilting may be slightly more difficult in such a case.

We recommend using ventilators so that appropriate air circulation in the interior is ensured. It is also a great idea to install an insulation spacer in the glass package. Made of complex insulating material, they improve insulation properties and reduce the risk of temporary condensation of water vapour. Moreover, they guarantee long-time air tightness of insulated glass panes and minimisation of heat loss by reducing the thermal bridge at the frame-pane joint.

Handles with a lock and an anti-drilling plate ensure your safety. The door can be connected to an alarm system, for example. Reed relays, i.e. magnetic movement sensors can be used as they trigger the alarm even when the door leaf is moved a tiny bit.

Roman Blinds - by Clarity Windows

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