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Cellular / Pleated Shades, commonly referred to as pleats, are one of the most interesting solutions in the field of internal window coverings.

The ultimate in versatility, the Top-Down/Bottom-Up blinds offer the ability to operate them from the top, the bottom up or anywhere in between for the perfect balance of natural light and privacy.

  • 350
    Fabrics Collections
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Cellular Shades
  • When raised, the blind covers only a small part of the window.
  • Use of solutions, e.g. two fabrics in one system.
  • Self-locking control mechanism that allows setting the blind at any height.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in cord- and chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.
  • 36-month warranty.

    Cellular Shades are one of the most interesting internal sun-protecting solutions.

    They fit windows with both standard and untypical shapes ( trapezes, triangles, polygons, semicircles) as well as those arranged in unusual patterns.

    Pleated blinds allow you to cover any part of your window from the top or from the bottom.

    The blind can be moved using different techniques:  

  • With handles on the head and bottom rail
  • With operating cords and ball chain
  • Motorised version of the blind.

    Smooth operation and the possibility to set the blind in any position are the main benefits of this blind.

    Additionally, the system allows using two different types of fabric in one blind. Our irresistible, wide selection of fabrics:

  • Transparent
  • Semi-transparent
  • Blackout

    Once folded, pleated blind takes up only a very small part of the window pane, which leaves the room bright and sunny regardless of the weight of fabric selected for the blind.

    High quality, practicality and ready availability make the pleated blind an option well worth considering.

    With 300 fabrics in our present pleated blind fabrics collection you will be really spoilt for choice.

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The safety class depends on a number of factors. Selection of hardware is the essential one. We use time-tested solutions only that improve the level of protection against burglars. Standard BluEvolution 92 windows have rich hardware based on Multi-Maticcomponents, the best solution from Maco, a renowned Austrian manufacturer.

As a standard, the windows are equipped with four anti-burglary bolts per sash, anti-burglary pins with an adjustable clamp, and a device preventing an incorrect handle position. An internal clamp is also a very important element of the system – it automatically adapts to the groove clearance. In addition to ensuring safety, it provides air tightness and easy operation of window sashes as well. We recommend hardware that meets the requirements of WK1 and WK2 anti-burglary class as well.

Reed relays or alarm loops in the pane are recommended for buildings where the risk of a burglary is greater. Reed relays are magnetic movement sensors. In this case even the slightest motion of the hardware will trigger the alarm. The alarm loop will be activated after a pane is broken or damaged.

When selecting accessories for your windows, consider their functionality. We provide our customers with a variety of accessories that improve the aesthetics, comfort of use, and safety of the product. We recommend a wide selection of outer roller blinds. They are produced using time-tested and well-known components, providing you with intimacy and protection against weather conditions. Roller blinds provide a barrier against burglars as well. We offer top-mounted and concealed adaptation roller blinds, depending on whether the house is being built or new joinery is being installed. Roller blinds produced by Beck+Heun, a renowned German manufacturer, are recommended for passive buildings.

If you are looking for effective protection against sunlight, screen-type outer blindsare a good choice and one of the most stylish ways to protect the premises against excessive heating. The material from which they are made absorbs and reflects a large part of the sunlight, enabling the user to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. The roller blinds are available with an aluminium guide, wire guide, or an aluminium guide with a ZIP system. The material is a combination of glass fibre and PVC.

When selecting accessories, you must not forget about ventilators. They enable you to maintain proper air circulation in the interiors. We offer a wide range of pressure, humidity-sensitive, window-mounted, and pane-mounted ventilators.

Cellular Shades - by Clarity Windows

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