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Not only do roller blinds protect against sun rays and excessive heat, they also keep you away from prying eyes.

Furthermore, they are an attractive addition creating a mood-enhancing room decor.

Easy mount and intuitive operation make the roller blind ideal for everyday use.

Roller blinds are ideal as window, recess and furniture coverings; they can also double as projection screens.

Compatible with all types of windows, they are the most versatile of all the solutions currently on offer.

  • Type of roller Blinds :

  • - Free-Hanging Roller Blind
  • - Roller Blind in a Cassette
  • - Roller Blind in a Cassette with Channels
Roller Blinds
  • Free adjustment of the height of the blind by means of manual or electrical control.
  • Protection against excessive insolation and irritating reflections on monitor screens.
  • Pefect cover for large surfaces: shop windows, recesses, shelves they may also be used as projection screens.
  • Thanks to the wide selection of different length roller tubes, the maximum surface area of a roller blind can reach 20 m 2.
  • Day / night fabric - adjusts the amount of daylight penetrating inside without the need of lifting the roller blind.,
  • Flexibility – roller blinds can be used for covering all types of windows.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.
  • 36-month warranty.

    Not only do roller blinds protect against sun rays and excessive heat, they also keep you away from prying eyes

    Furthermore, they are an attractive addition creating a mood-enhancing room decor.

    Easy mount and intuitive operation make the roller blind ideal for everyday use.


    Roller blinds are ideal as window, recess and furniture coverings; they can also double as projection screens.

    Compatible with all types of windows, they are the most versatile of all the solutions currently on offer.

    A rich collection of colours and patterns makes it possible to create a harmonious and aesthetically appealing decor.

    When choosing the fabric one should always bear in mind the interior the blind will be mounted in, its function and character.

    Light, transparent fabrics will optically enlarge and brighten up the room; patterned ones, on the other hand, will add depth making the room more spacious.

    Such solutions will be most suitable for the lounge and the kitchen; rooms serving as bedrooms during the day (eg. nurseries) require fabrics which enable total blackout.


    Impresja day-night roller blind is another interesting solution. The basis of Impresja are overlapping transparent and non-transparent strips of fabric.

    When operating the blind the user moves the strips; when two - non-transparent and transparent - strips overlap, the blackout effect is achieved.

    Impresja combines the function of a blind, a roller-blind, a curtain and a screen, enabling the user to excercise total control over the amount of light entering the room, without ever lifting the blind.


    The blind can be fitted with a cassette and side guide, which ensures its smooth operation and staying close to the windowpane.

    Consequently, the fabric does not move with the wind or when the window is tilted. Additionally, side guides prevent light leaks.


    Roof roller blinds are intended for interiors arranged in the attic. The main function of this type of blind is to provide blackout effect whenever needed as well as protect the room from overheating.

    Our offer includes blinds with flame resistant and non-flammable fabrics - perfect for interiors where stricter fire safety regulations apply. All fabrics are certified for quality, they are also well tolerated by people with allergies.

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strzałka, prawo

The system combines innovative solutions for energy efficiency with a classic and attractive design. Available in a wide selection of colours, sandblasted and of wood structure. The windows are veneered on one side, two sides and in a duo-colour formula. Similarly to other Salamander system.

BluEvolution 82 is available with white, brown, and caramel core. What is more, anthracite core is an innovation. This is undoubtedly an asset, unavailable with any other system we offer.

It is worth mentioning that BluEvolution 82 windows are manufactured using V-Super technology. This way, we are able to offer the highest quality accurately finished joinery to our customers. The joint of the profiles becomes virtually invisible. The final effect is astonishing, especially on veneered windows.

Concealed hardware is a very practical and good-looking solution. In this case, all elements of the hardware are hidden in the fittings groove, invisible when the window is closed. Moving post rails, drive rods, hinges, and other functional elements can be hidden as well. This gives the window elegant appearance, balancing its composition. Apart from its aesthetic values, the concealed hardware has some practical advantages as well. It allows the user to adjust the sash in three dimensions and set the sash opening width.

The installation depth of BluEvolution 82 system windows and a robust steel reinforcement enable us to manufacture even very large structures while maintaining the highest safety standards. The profiles have additional stiffening – ribbing within the profile chambers.

However, safety depends on a number of factors. One of the most important is undoubtedly the appropriate selection of hardware. To produce BluEvolution 82, we employ Multi-Matic hardware, the best solution from Maco, a renowned Austrian manufacturer.

As a standard, the windows are equipped with four anti-burglary bolts per sash, anti-burglary pins with an adjustable clamp, and a device preventing incorrect handle position. An internal clamp is also a very important element of the system. It automatically adapts to the groove clearance. In addition to ensuring safety, it provides air tightness and easy operation of window sashes as well.

The safety class of windows may be increased. Using additional anti-burglary bolts, handles with a lock, and safety glass panes provides the best protection against burglars. We offer hardware that meets the requirements of WK1 and WK2 as well.

When choosing windows for single-family housing, it is a good idea to protect them against children. Our products can be equipped with a safety break in the handle that allows you to stop the opened sash in any position. So-called English tilt may also interest you. This safety device prevents windows from being opened, at the same time enabling the tilt function.

BluEvolution 82 system windows are equipped with standard 2-chamber glass packages with a very low heat transfer coefficient. The profiles are made of high-quality PVC, providing perfect thermal insulation guaranteed by a 6-chamber profile structure and triple sealing system. The installation depth of 82 mm allows you to use glass packages up to 53 mm wide. 2-chamber glass packages can be successfully installed. Using an insulating spacer enables you to achieve a heat transfer coefficient similar to those of passive windows.

Insulating spacers are made of complex insulating material, improving the insulation properties and reducing the risk of temporary condensation of water vapour. Moreover, they guarantee long-time air tightness of insulated glass panes and maximum reduction of heat loss.

If you wish to improve the heat comfort in the interior even more, you can install Climaplus 4S glass panes in your windows, a very innovative solution. A Climaplus 4S glass pane lets significantly less solar energy through, enabling you to maintain a pleasant temperature in the interior during summer and reduce costs of air conditioning.

When selecting accessories for your windows, consider their functionality. We provide our customers with a variety of accessories that improve the aesthetics, comfort of use, and safety of the product.

We recommend a wide selection of outer roller blinds. They are produced using time-tested and well-known components, providing you with privacy and protection against weather conditions. We offer top-mounted and concealed adaptation roller blinds, depending on whether the house is being built or new joinery is being installed. Roller blinds produced by Beck+Heun, a renowned German manufacturer, are recommended for passive buildings.

If you are looking for effective protection against sunlight, screen-type outer blinds are a good choice and one of the most stylish ways to protect the premises against excessive heating. The material used for their production absorbs and reflects a large part of the sunlight, enabling the user to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. The roller blinds are available with an aluminium guide, wire guide, or an aluminium guide with a ZIP system. The material is a combination of glass fibre and PVC.

When selecting accessories, you must not forget about ventilators. They enable you to maintain proper air circulation in the interiors. We offer a wide range of pressure, humidity-sensitive, window-mounted, and pane-mounted ventilators.

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